Put Some Results In Your Snow Day

Dated: 01/22/2016

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The Northeast and Midatlantic is in for at least 48 hours of downtime. If you are results oriented individual the downtime is going to kill you so let's put some purpose to the downtime.

Clean out your closet!  I'll be honest. I'm a clothes hoarder. When I fall in love with a piece of clothing I typically keep it forever, and I mean, forever.  When my children moved out of the house I adopted their closet space. When my Mother in Law moved in a few years later,  I had to downsize to the guest closet and my relatively small walk-in closet.  The MIL gave me a great thought. She said, "There is a woman out there who is going to get a job because you donated that Suit. " So think of it as repurposing your clothing, giving it a higher and best use than collecting dust in your closet. It helped me part with suits I have had for 20 years or more.

Evaluate each article of clothing on the 4 principles

  • Does it fit?

  • Is it in good condition?

  • Is it comfortable?

  • Do you love it? Or, does it still have the tags on it.

When organizing your closet, arrange clothes seasonally. If you have the benefit of one extra closet, move your out of season clothing out of your main closet.  Getting ready in the morning is a breeze if you follow the next steps.

  • Arrange by article of clothing, tops, pants, skirts, dresses

  • ROYGBIV them. I know this is a little over the top but it works. I put Black tops at the front of my closet, then White, then follow the Color Spectrum to organize the rest, Red, Orange, Yellow, Indigo, Blue Violet. This minimizes the time you are looking for an item of clothing as you typically know you want that Blue Turtle neck. You only have to target one small area of the closet to locate it rather than rifle through the whole closet.

  • Keep shoes in boxes they came in. While not the best space saver, it preserves the shoes in the best condition. Arrange these by color. Move out of season shoes out of your main closet if another is available.  Follow the same 4 principles above to evaluate your shoes, please. I am not a shoe fanatic but I do know someone who lives in Upstate NY who had 18 pair of brown summer sandals. Amazing for a place that might see 3 months of 'sandal' weather. 

Finally, try to get everything up off the floor of the closet! This keeps your closet easy to clean. Vacuum or dust mop regularly. If you are getting ready to list your home, this also helps potential buyers envision the space your closet affords even if your shelving is all neatly organized.

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